"If you can, have fun with whatever you do. Take subjects you enjoy because if you don't enjoy them it is going to feel like a chore."

Name: Claire King

When at HHS:1994 - 2001

Current Role: Service Delivery Manager

What are your memories of HHS? 

I was there when Mr Whitby was head, he was a great head teacher. The teachers that really stick in my memory are Mr Dewings, who I had for English, and my favourite subject was Art with Mr Griffiths. In Sixth Form I studied Art, Psychology (which was split across the three Congleton high schools) and Biology. For Art we went on the first ever school trip to New York in April 2001. (Photo from the trip of the group in Central Park, below.)

Route after HHS: 

I went on to study American studies at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). I didn't really have any career plans, I just thought I had to go to university after Sixth Form and loved all things American so thought this was a good course to do. After university I just kind of fell into my job as something to do, and never left. The degree hasn't been of use, but gave me 3 years of life experience. 

I worked part time on an information phone line while at university, and once I finished my degree, I went full time. From there I moved into various roles within the company to where I am now. I have been in this company now for 19 years. 

What does your current role entail? 

The role I am in now is new to me, I only started in April after 14 years as a Change Manager. I am now a Service Delivery Manager, which means I am responsible for ensuring my customer gets the IT service they are contractually entitled to. This can be anything from escalating service issues, coming up with service improvements and reporting service levels each month. There are no specific qualifications required for this role, but it has helped that I started on a first level support line, and moved up to this. It is also beneficial to have something called the ITIL qualification, which I have. 

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

If you can, have fun with whatever you do. Take subjects you enjoy, because if you don't enjoy them it is going to feel like a chore.