Excellent results 2022

GCSE Results

In summer 2022, students at Congleton High School were again able to celebrate another set of fantastic exam results giving them a real head start in further education, training and employment. Students, parents, carers and staff were delighted to learn that the vast majority of the year group had exceeded their targets and secured the grades they needed to progress on to their chosen courses.

It was a unique and challenging few years for these young people. Years 10 and 11 are crucial for all students and are testing times even in normal conditions. On top of all this, the year group had to to navigate an exceptional set of circumstances with lockdowns, home learning, bubbles, and student and staff absences. Despite all this, they demonstrated incredible resilience, delivering fantastic results across the board, including the best English and Mathematics grades ever seen at CHS!

As an inclusive school, we encourage and support ALL our students to achieve for themselves the best possible outcomes. It is not just about the high achievers delivering multiple top grades but also ensuring that those students for whom school may be a struggle achieve and even exceed their targets.  As such, Progress 8 (which takes each student’s best eight GCSE results and measures the progress made from the level at which they started in Year 7 to the level they achieved at GCSE) is the most important measure for us as it shows their improvement, not final grades. 

In 2018, we were delighted that our students achieved the joint highest Progress 8 score in the whole of Cheshire. In 2019, we were in the top 17% of schools across the nation and once again in 2022, our students have outstripped their targets. 

These results will enable students to progress on to a wide variety of exciting education, training and employment opportunities and, in 2019, 98% of CHS students remained in education or secured employment. Our own Sixth Form provision has seen a record number of applications this year with many CHS students returning to enrol on the unrivalled range of academic and vocational courses. 

A Level Results

Our Sixth Form students were also celebrating strong results this summer, seeing success in both academic and vocational subjects. 54 A*/A grades were secured, representing 25% of overall grades. In particular, the Mathematics and Art faculties both had cause for celebration, with A*/A accounting for 55% and 50% of 2022 A Level grades respectively.

These results were an outstanding achievement for this cohort given that, due to the Covid restrictions affecting their 2020 GCSEs, these were their first formal exams since SATS in Year 6. The school is extremely proud of the great resilience they demonstrated and the fantastic results they achieved through their hard work and determination.

Many students have now taken up university places to study a wide range of degrees including: Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry with Forensic Science, Film Production, History, Mathematics, Music Technology, Music, Natural Sciences, Primary Education, Social Work, Sociology, Sport Development, and Theatre.

For a detailed breakdown of our examination results up to 2022, please download the documents below or view the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State for Education on the Department for Education's website.

NB: Due to the exceptional nature of the 2020 and 2021 exam periods, along with other schools in the area, we have taken the decision not to publish the results data from these years.

Congleton High School Examination Results

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