We take pride in the general high standard of appearance of CHS students and ask parents and carers to give their full support in maintaining these high standards. Our policy is called 'Dress for Success'.

You can download the full uniform list below along with the 'Uniform Guidance' document, which should help to avoid any ambiguity regarding acceptable/unacceptable items of school uniform . 

Our uniform and PE Kit can be purchased from DP Sportswear Ltd, either in store (by appointment only, please see their website for booking details) or online at www.dpsportswear.co.uk. You can also find information about location and opening hours in the DP Sportswear Information document below. They have put together a helpful short video on the CHS girls' and boys' uniform and PE kit, and you can watch this here.

Parents or carers who may be struggling to cover the cost of uniform can apply to the John Holford Charity for assistance and you can find out more information on eligibility and how to apply here.

Please note, uniform for upper and lower school students is now the same. Upper school students may choose to wear a CHS tie with silver logo (if stocks are still available at our uniform supplier) but there is no requirement to do so.

School Uniform Information

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