21 September 2021

Our Year 7 students had a fantastic Astbury Mere day last week, with half the year group visiting on Thursday and the other half on Friday.

The groups spent their day making new friends, learning how to work effectively as a team, rafting, kayaking, climbing, building shelters, hiking and even toasting marshmallows.

At first, a few of the group were uneasy around the water but soon overcame any worries once they saw their friends out on the mere.

Our Year 7 Guidance Team Leader, Ms Figiel, organised and supervised the days and was helped out by Mr Goodwin, Mr Lister and Mr Hilditch. They were all delighted to receive some very lovely comments about the students' behaviour from members of the public at the mere.

Year 7 students, you've made a great start to your seven years at CHS!

Year 7 Parents and Carers: We look forward to welcoming you all in to school next week (6pm Wednesday 29th September) for your Year 7 Parent/ Carer Information Evening. (Please contact Ms Figiel or your child's Form Tutor if you have any questions about this event).

Tags: Student Welfare