28 June 2022

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Our Sports Day and Alternative Sports Day this year meant that we had something to suit everyone and students really worked together as form groups and as a school community. 

In our Alternative Sports Day, teams of five students from each form group worked together to tackle a number of timed challenges based on a range of the subjects they study at CHS such as Maths, English, Geography, RE, Science and Music. This was great fun and enabled everyone to compete, including those who aren't particularly keen on a traditional style sports day. Some challenges were more straightforward than others but they all tested a range of skills and knowledge.

Sports Day kicked off in the morning with the field events: Long jump, Shot Put, Javelin and Discus took place outside with high jump held in the Sports Hall. Before lunch, the long distance 800m and 1500m races took place with students all pulling out all the stops and achieving some great times.

After lunch, the whole school gathered on the field in their form groups, ready to watch all the races and cheer on their classmates. Our fantastic form group banners, new for this year, were a great addition and really helped boost team spirit. Over the last month, form groups have worked together to design and produce their own unique Sports Day banner and we loved seeing all their amazing creations waving in the wind.

Everyone did really well and we were delighted to be able to celebrate three new records:

  • Year 7 Boys Shot Put: Ryan S of 7CM, broke the long-standing Year 7 record by 95cm, with a distance of 9m 45cm. The record was set in 2010 by Brian Barton.
  • Year 9 boys 4 x 100m: 9KMC achieved a combined time of 53.98 seconds, beating the record set in 2017 by Mrs Williams' form by 0.948 seconds.
  • Year 10 girls 4 x 100m: 10AB achieved a combined time of 53.8 seconds, beating the 2018 record set by Mr Curry’s form by 0.24 seconds.

Congratulations to 10MBU, who were the overall winners of Sports Day, with 10CMJ just one point behind.

The Year group winners were 7SW, 8MPE and 9KMC.

A huge WELL DONE to everyone who took part as a competitor or as a spectator, cheering on your form group. It was such a great time to be part of our wonderful school community.



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