Elevate Education delivers high-impact workshops to our students that help to develop their study skills, motivation, and exam preparation. Over the next term, parents and carers are invited to join Elevate's parent and carer webinar series, where you can help support your child at home by reinforcing the skills they're learning at school.

Upcoming Webinars:

  • How to Get (And Keep) Your Child Motivated - 19th September 6:00pm
  • How You Can Help Your Child Manage Their Time - 3rd October 6:00pm
  • How You Can Help Your Child Prepare for Exams - 17th October 6:00pm
  • How You Can Help Improve Your Child's Memory - 14th November 6:00pm
  • How You Can Build Resilience in Your Child - 28th November 6:00pm
  • How To Help Your Child Alleviate Stress - 12th December 6:00pm

You can register for the series by clicking here and learn some great practical strategies to help support your child this year.