6 May 2022

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Following all the disruption of Covid, with the many lockdowns and interruptions to normal school life, Congleton High School has attempted to restore normality for students by concentrating first on 'Rebuilding' school life, bringing back all the positive aspects that create the CHS Experience on which our students thrive: school trips, visiting speakers, extracurricular activities, whole school productions, sports fixtures,assemblies, charity fundraisers, our Christmas service etc. Gradually over the last few terms, we have 'filled in the gaps' and managed to recover the majority of our lost opportunities.

The next phase at CHS is a focus on 'Regrowth,' which will help our school community to continue to grow stronger and better.  To mark this next phase, we are running a Form Group Sunflower Competition. Each form has received a pot planted with 3 seeds and the students will be responsible for naming and nurturing them, potting them on when necessary and helping them to become strong and healthy. The class with the tallest plant at the end of the school year will win!

We are already seeing the seedlings begin to emerge across the school so we are positive that we will see great results by July!

Good luck to all our Sunflower Regrowth Superstars!

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