5 June 2023

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Congratulations to all our Year 10 students who joined 43,685 competitors from 621 schools worldwide to take part in the 2023 UKBC Biology Challenge in May.

The Biology Challenge is open to students aged 13 to 15 and consists of two, twenty-five-minute multiple choice papers, taken online under staff supervised exam conditions.

The questions set followed the school curriculum, but the competition also rewarded those students whose knowledge of the subject has been increased by reading books and magazines, watching natural history programmes, taking notice of the news media for items of biological interest, and are generally aware of our natural flora and fauna.

We were delighted that eight of our students achieved awards in the competition. Barney M finished in the top 15 percent of all entrants and secured the Silver award for a score of between 83.5% and 87.2%. Becky L, Robert H and Theo H all made the top 30 percent, earning them a Bronze award for a score between 79.6% and 83.4%. Adara J received a Highly Commended award for a score of between 75.7% to 79.5% and Milly C, Amelia G and Antonia L were all Commended for finishing with a score of between 72.8% and 75.6%

The Royal Society of Biology assists the administration of the Biology Challenge along with two other UKBC competitions; the Intermediate Biology Olympiad and the British Biology Olympiad.

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