13 July 2023

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Our Year 12 History students had a taste of university life on their recent trip to Keele University. Ten students accompanied Miss Bennett and Mr Franklin on the 6th July to make the most of Keele’s library facilities as they work on their non-examined assessment (NEA). 

After a quick look around the campus, the students attended a workshop led by the Keele Library staff, which gave them insight into how to use a university library catalogue and the types of documents available to them, as well as advice on referencing and how to avoid plagiarism. Following the workshop, the Year 12s were let loose around the shelves to find books that might be useful to them in their NEA on Medieval England. After a few hours of research, it was time to return to CHS, laden with new ideas that they will be able to use in their work.  

In the NEA, students will be writing an essay of 4,500 words on a range of topics including medieval castles, queens and warfare. The annual trip to Keele is a vital part of their research process and this year it was a big success; several students have already expressed interest in returning over the summer to do more research. We look forward to reading their final projects and can’t wait for next year’s trip! 

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