Our Recognition and Behaviour for Learning (RBFL) policy at CHS aims to make our school a great place in which to work and be successful.


We all like to be praised for what we can do and through our policy we recognise Outstanding Effort/Achievement, Improved Work/Effort, Cumulative Good Work, Taking part in Extracurricular Activities and Service to Others. Each recognition received by a student is recorded electronically although students are encouraged to keep their own record in their planners. In addition to our established R3/R4 recognition system, students are also recognised and rewarded for good behaviour, hard work, good conduct, acts of kindness etc is with our weekly reward of hot chocolate and a snack. With numbers reaching around thirty each week, our students have really responded well to this and are keen to be included.

Attendance is also recognised and there is a Sixth Form ‘Personal Achievement and Service Scheme’ for Sixth Form students.

Behaviour for Learning

This is often referred to as BFL, a simplified name for a very simple system!

“Behaviour for Learning is a fair and just system, where behaviour expectations are clear and easily understood. All behaviour expectations are based upon inclusion, common sense, mutual respect, and a desire to work hard and learn effectively in a safe and happy environment.”

There are no punishments at CHS, only consequences to actions.

Everyone has choices. If someone chooses to misbehave then they will do so in the clear understanding that their action will bring about a consequence. The consequences are simple, consistently applied and clearly displayed around school.

The consequence letters, C, H and E, refer to Conduct, Homework and Equipment. 

Our Code of Conduct is based upon common sense and covers rules for three areas of school life. Everyone has had a chance to say what they would like to see as our rules and they are as follows:

Behaviour in the Classroom

  • Everyone is expected to behave in such a way that allows teachers to teach and students to learn.
  • Everyone is expected to respect their working environment and to leave the classroom as they would expect to find it.

Behaviour Around School

  • Walk quietly and calmly and when required, line up in single file.
  • Eating and drinking must only take place in the designated areas, not on the corridor.

Behaviour Towards the Individual

  • Treat others with respect and consideration
  • Bad language and aggressive verbal abuse is unacceptable
  • Physical violence is unacceptable

Consequences are clearly understood, consistently applied and range from verbal warnings to school detentions. RBFL helps to create a safe, happy environment where effective learning takes place and we can all Achieve Success Together.

Use of 'Reasonable Force'

At Congleton High, we do expect a very high standard of behaviour from our students, which is generally the case. Due to the high level of respect that is generated within school, it is very rare for any form of physical intervention to be necessary when dealing with behaviour issues. However, Congleton High School reserves the right to use “Reasonable Force” where necessary.

This may include using reasonable force to prevent students committing an offence, injuring themselves or others, or damaging property. Examples of reasonable force can range from guiding a student to safety by the arm through to more extreme circumstances such as breaking up a fight. You can obtain more information regarding our expectations below or in our School Policy Documents section of the website.

Recognition and Behaviour for Learning Policy

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23 May 2023
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Effort and Achievement Recognised

We were delighted to be able to recognise and reward the positive behavior of 94% of the main school with recognitions letters sent out at the end of May.

10 May 2023
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Celebration Leavers' Assembly Planned for Year 13

We'll be holding a Leavers' Assembly for our Sixth Form Year 13 students on Friday 12th May before their Study Leave beginsĀ on Monday 15th May.

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