27 June 2023

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Students worked "Together in the Pursuit of Excellence" in our Brain Games throughout the morning of Sports day on 27th June.

Teams of five students from each tutor group put their heads together to tackle a series of timed challenges, which were based on subjects they study at CHS including Art, Computer Science, Maths, MFL, English, Science, Geography, History and Geography. The aim was to complete as many of the puzzles and challenges as they could in the time limit.

Congratulations to each of the year group winning forms:

  • Year 7 - 7HM
  • Year 8 - 8SW
  • Year 9 - 9EHA
  • Year 10 - 10NGO

Our Brain Games took place on the morning of Sports Day, during the field events, so all students were able to gather together on the field in the afternoon to cheer on their classmates who were taking part in the track events


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