28 June 2023

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We enjoyed another great Sports Day in June, giving the whole school a chance to celebrate CHS sporting excellence and enthusiasm together. There were great performances in both track and field events and the spectators were fab too! 

Yet again there were lots of school records broken, some that stretched right back to 2004!

Congratulations to our overall winners of the day, 7GXT. Well done to 7AE also - they tied on points with 7GXT at the end of Sports Day, so it came down to the number of events entered by each team. 7GXT had taken part in one more event so took first place.

A huge THANK YOU to our hard working Sixth Form team who ran our ice cream, drinks and sweet stall throughout the afternoon. They made a superb £278 towards our £4,000 target for The Georgia Leigh Ogden Foundation.



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